8 Step Checklist for Social Media

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Reign Media’s highly demanded 8 step checklist!


1.) Define your brand message that is unifying, consistent, and sustainable.

2.) Be able to give a 30 second concise and effective pitch about your business.

3.) Determine your target market based on psychographics, geographics, and demographics

4.) Determine how to reach your target market through hashtags and copying competitor’s followers.

5.) Make sure to find a sweet spot that works for your brand with respect to functional, emotional, and visual aspects of your product or service.

6.) Position your product or service in a way that is conducive to gaining brand credibility, loyalty, and recognition.

7.) Continually innovate and adapt to determine what type of posts your followers are connecting with the most

8.) Make sure to always connect with your community and build relationships with many members in the community you build for sustainability, and growth in your business.

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