Inbound Marketing

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Over the years many disruptive technologies have emerged to circumvent advertising. For example, to avoid commercials on TV, people can now just record their shows and fast forward, or just use a service such as Netflix. Technological innovation combined with change in many people’s reactions to advertising and push marketing have contributed to the “rules of marketing” changing. Before new media emerged with the invention of the internet, many marketers had to resort to old forms of media such as the yellow pages and radio. These old media mediums, without the concept of a search engine introduced, are more conducive to push advertising. As new media technology emerged, pull marketing became a very powerful option. In today’s age individuals are looking for answers online.


This introduces the opportunity to position a product or service tailored to the needs of what that specific person is looking up. For example, if an individual is searching “how to do inbound marketing,” HubSpot can position a valuable article showing how to do it, and offering HubSpot’s services as an option. One of the key things to consider on a psychological level is the principle of reciprocity. If companies are genuinely adding value to people’s lives, many people feel the need to reciprocate the value in the form of a sale, or whatever other metric you are measuring. To differentiate from the millions of push marketing messages out there inbound marketing becomes invaluable.


This methodology is exactly the strategy of Reign Media. We understand that content is king in this competitive landscape; our services will drive significant traffic to your website through inbound marketing!