The Ultimate Marketing Plan. Dan Kennedy, Adams Media

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Dan S. Kennedy, an expert on marketing and sales, adapts to the digital age with The
Ultimate Marketing Plan. Dan S. Kennedy integrates tools including strategic memberships,
networking, and social media to leverage constrained resources to optimize one’s marketing mix.
The Ultimate Marketing Plan has fourteen articulate lessons that when interconnected can lead to
a successful marketing plan for any business.
Kennedy emphasizes the importance of getting the right message to the right individuals by
utilizing the right media and methods in a way that is effective, efficient, and profitable. The
competitive business environment creates the need to craft a very remarkable marketing message
which will truthfully represent both the potential and actual customer’s experiences. Kennedy
puts a spin on the traditional value proposition by introducing the unique selling proposition
(USP), that is, a way of explaining your position in comparison with competitors and other
choices. It is vital in today’s age to be in the right place at the right time with the right USP.
Linking a marketing message to values is very relatable to consumers and enhances their
Having a dramatic first-person story, before and after photographs, dramatic stories of
satisfied customers, shocking statistics and revelations, dramatic slogans, headlines, statements,
and physical demonstrations are some ways. With this in mind they must get in touch with the
right media to verify and support their marketing message. An article on their service on
Bloomberg BusinessWeek or Forbes would offer them maximum credibility. This is the
incredible lessons I have learned in The Ultimate Marketing Plan thus far and I can see many
ways how TrepScore can integrate these underlying concepts.
Kennedy’s viewpoint and purpose is to set aside theory and get into the consumer’s
psychology and adapt business strategy accordingly. Kennedy uses case studies, split
testing, and his own vast experience to articulate his argument and support it. He supports
his abstract arguments by consistently referencing case studies from notable companies
such as Proactive as well as more brick and mortar companies. This book is incredibly
unique because it lays out a dynamic approach to marketing which differentiates itself from
theory as it is based on practical situations in the business world.
This book relates in many ways to marketing textbooks however there are many
factors that make it different and more effective in my opinion. This book is very unique as
it adapts to the everchanging, lightning fast competitive environment of business. In
summary Kennedy addresses the importance of the right message, presenting that message,
segmenting efficiently, turning assumptions into facts, and the implications of first
impressions. He articulately gives a comprehensive approach to marketing which is based
on how consumers think given the factors that shape the business environment.
Dan Kennedy is a strategic consultant, advisor, business coach, and author. He has
extreme expertise in those fields which allows him to write a masterpiece with The
Ultimate Marketing Plan. I judged the book on the criteria of feasibility and 
adaptability to the real world. My criteria were met and was the most applicable book
to the real world I’ve ever read.
Kennedy has done a very effective job in adapting this updated version of his book
to the new age of marketing. Readers will learn about leveraging social media,
networking, strategic memberships, and inbound marketing. The book hasn’t left out
much when it comes to marketing besides addressing PR or looking at one specific
industry. This book showcases the possibilities of leveraging the resources that are
available as a result for the digital age. Marketing budgets are becoming increasingly
constrained so the internet allows for cost-effective marketing. When positioning a
unique selling proposition it really differentiates yourself from competitors. My views
actually coincide directly with the authors as I see the same trends and strategy as
being viable in today’s market. Overall The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan
Kennedy illustrates a complete plan that will strengthen your customer bases without
spending a lot on marketing by utilizing the resources out there during the digital age.