SEO: A Rigorous Primer

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How Search Engine Optimization Works and How to Maximize Results After the Google Penguin Update

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an impressive and highly important tool for a website because it helps in attracting the attention of most relevant traffic and aims to increase the reliability of a particular site.

For today, our topic of discussion is the working mechanism of Search Engine Optimization both off and on page and how the results generated with the help of SEO can be maximized with the new update passed on by the Google, which is named as Penguin Update.


SEO OFF page is basically a technique which aids website possessors in refining the position of their website in (SERPs), which it is also called as Search Engine Results Page.

Additionally, Off-page SEO also discusses about all those actions, which are not directly linked with your website however, they still hold the goal of increasing the rank of website and these techniques are also called as one of the most active techniques to increase the credibility of a particular or targeted website. Some of the most common Off-page SEO techniques are as follows:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Business Reviews
  • Press Release Promotions
  • Answering Techniques
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Media Sites through Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Blog Marketing
  • Forum Discussion
  • Photo Sharing

I would like to begin from very basic Off-page SEO techniques, which are very vital for a website and should be properly applied for better Search Engine Result Page.

  • Social Media Marketing:

There is certainly no denying the fact that now, social media is on the topmost part of the internet and everyone is prepared to become part of this unceasingly growing community. The one of the best ways of improving Off-page SEO is with the social media marketing, which is indeed one of the most important tools.

Social Media Marketing sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter can be used for the social media marketing of a website. All you supposed to do, is just make your fan page on above mentioned social media sites, add friends or send invitation to people for your page and post about the bio of the website so that people can have thoroughgoing material about your website.

Social Book marking is also the part of Social media marketing however, this method is not very common in the forum of Social Media Marketing and now, people give more status to social media marketing rather than social bookmarking.

Moreover, if we examine the meaning of social bookmarking then, this method essentially permits people to add, edit and share bookmarked documents with others for the resolution of marketing.

  • Video Marketing:

You must have seen a lot of your friends distributing YouTube videos of their own self and speaking about several products. Well, that sort of social media marketing is known as Video Marketing, where people incline to show their products to targeted market with the help of several videos.

This form of social media marketing is very common now and there is no doubt in the fact that people are creating most money through these videos. Now Facebook Live is additional way of screening your products to the public and making website renowned by asking for people’s reviews and suggestions.

Video marketing can help you in receiving more traffic for your website than any other Off-page SEO instrument because in this tool, the constructor is in direct contact with the client or the market.

  • Blogging:

Blogging is recognized for helping people in selling their website, product or service through words. If you think you have the ability of convincing people with your words then, you should start your own blog to endorse your website.

Blogging basically aid people in providing wide information about their site to the targeted market. Through your blog, people would be able to advance information and they would also be able to visit your website after getting impressed with your words.

Blogs are also known for producing better Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Just make sure to add most applicable, up-to-date yet stimulating content on your blog and if you think that you can’t write well then, feel free to hire content or blog writers for your blog so that you can produce maximum circulation on your website.

Content is very important for your website so you must focus on the content first rather than the ranking of your website.

  • Blog Marketing:

Blog Marketing is another form of social media marketing, which is further divided into blogging however, in this system bloggers are made-up to comment on other blogs which are of same nature and are also endorsing the same type of business as yours.

Blog marketing is also called as Do-Follow Blogs, which permit people to leave their views in the comment section.

Blog Marketing assist in making links and if you become successful in this form of social media marketing then, you can easily get higher score by Search Engine crawls, who are responsible for entering data about your website or blog.

  • Forum Discussion:

If you know how to create a forum and start conversation then, start it right away. Forum discussions are one of the most vital ways of marketing because through this way, people can get linked to your website.

However, you are expected to play and throw topics creatively. The accidental topics should be linked with your website. Once you forum has become successful in starting a debate on relevant topic then, you can easily transmit traffic towards your website, which will additionally help you in getting better SERPs.

  • Photo Sharing:

Photo Sharing is another Off-page SEO method, which is used for the marketing of website pictures. If you are operating a product based website then, this method is very valuable for you.

In this method person is supposed to share the photo of his/her product and permit people to do comments on those photos.

Sharing can be done through numerous social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Make sure to post and share applicable photos so that people can get in touch with your website.

  • Business Reviews:

Business reviews are just like Facebook page review. If you want more circulation on your website then, you should ask your friends, family or business people to give review about your website so that people can get material about your website.

This technique is also called as Electronic Word of Mouth. There is no way to disregard the power of word of mouth because people prefer those products, which are suggested by their friends or family rather than an advertising agency.

If you are new in this business then, you can begin it by giving business reviews about other sites, which are vending same product as of yours. For instance, you can visit sites like Shvoong, Style feeder and others for business review.

  • Press Release Promotion:

If you have business related website then, you can defer to your website to certain Press Release website, which in return will publish your website for marketing purposes. This method will aid you in getting promotions through some of the very significant websites.

  • Answering Techniques:

If you have enough information and you can provide applicable answers to people question then, you are permitted to use this method for the sake of promotion. This method allows you to answer the questions posted on numerous sites such as Yahoo. Com and others.

You can also post the link of your website on these questioning sites so that people can get consciousness about your website.

  • Directory Submission:

Directory submission is one of the ancient yet actual ways of marketing because it allows owners to submit their website to the recognized directories. This method is valuable for all those people who know how to find the most actual directories and how to submit to them through various forms.

  • Creation of Communities on Social Media Sites:

Make groups on social media site and start adding people into those groups. There is no denying the fact that once people are linked then, they will start directing on those products, which are used by the entire community on daily basis.

If you become successful in creating a decent social media community then, your site will begin getting a lot of traffic, which will result in the uppermost ranking generated by SERPs and other Google based systems.

  • Search Engine Submission:

Search Engine submission is like the directory submission however, in this procedure website owner are tend to submit their websites to the most general search engine sites such as Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo and others.

This technique is best because people will be able to get information about your website.


There is certainly no denying to the fact that On-page and Off page are both of those techniques, which consists of a greater value and can impact the position of a website in the most amazing manner. Off page and On-page SEO are linked with one another and works in the similar manner.

If we consider the working of the On-page SEO then, it is more about getting the attention of the targeted market with the help of some internal tools and links which helps in increasing the worth of the website in the most significant yet compelling manner for the set of the market, which we are planning to target.

It won’t be wrong to claim that credibility of a website is dependent on the working of the OFF page and On Page SEO and if they are not working in the right manner and are not helping in the getting the attention of the right audience then, they are useless and I would also like to recommend website owners that they should check out the domain of the site in the right manner before applying any tools of search engine optimization.

Some of the On-page Search Engine Optimization tools are as follows:

1. Optimize Internal Page Links:

Optimization of Internal Page links is a SEO technique, which states to the linking of main pages or the construction of your website. This tool is used by the owners for setting priority of the page.

Optimization of internal page links also aids in measuring the position of a page on other places. Make sure to use the applicable links, so that you can grasp the attention of number of connecting sites for promotion purposes.

2. Use Basic On-Page SEO:

You should know basic On-Page SEO is extremely important for a website because it benefits Google in knowing website, just correctly.

3. Use Thematic Keywords:

There is certainly no denying the fact that Thematic Keywords are very vital for a website because they aid owners in guiding relevant traffic with the help of exceedingly optimized and self-explaining keywords.

Moreover, if you are not involved in the facilities of Google Keywords Planner, which are the part of Google AdWords then, you can go for other catchy keyword producing software’s, which are no doubt very useful for the growth of a website in the most significant manner.


It won’t be wrong to claim that Google Penguin update has introduced a lot of changes into the working of the Search Engine Optimization and if you haven’t known about the working then, it is indeed a hard thing.

For maximizing results with the help of Google Penguin Update then, you should have knowledge about the Audit your Backlinks which is indeed one of the most amazing things and it should not be neglected. Once you have information about the link of penalty risk then, the working of the system would be more easy for you and can help you in getting much better results in the shorter period of the time.

Before starting your work, you should remove the bad links first and then, continue your working.

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