Social Media Marketing

Turn Your Prospective Customers Into Loyal Brand Advocates

Customized Brand Profiles

Significantly extend the lifetime value of your brand’s consumer base by transforming prospective buyers, who use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram, into repeat purchasers and brand advocates.

Integrated SEO & Social Media

Want to improve your brand’s online visibility through the professional management of your social media accounts? SEO is the way to go.

Targeted Lead Engagement

Generate new leads, and bring them to your website by contracting with our Hootsuite-certified, social media experts.

Optimized Social Media Strategy

We use big data to split-test your social media campaigns, engagement strategies, and posted content. It is imperative to consistently refine your brand’s exposure on its social media channels through the effective communication of your company’s competitive advantages.

Social Media Marketing that Converts Sales, Increases Customer Engagement, and Increases Your Brand Equity!

Our team of social media marketers will create sustainable, effective brand-messages for your business’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram accounts- thereby increasing your brand’s equity and customer lifetime value.

Our team is composed of experts that segment online communities based on psychographics, geographics, and demographics in order to build a user base of targeted individuals who will engage with your brand and purchase!

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At Reign Media we believe in the power of selling lifestyles and not products, which scales sales for our clients. Using push marketing strategies often annoys consumers. Instead we use pull marketing strategies which focuses on the idea that great content is king and consumers will engage more with fun, entertaining brands over a brand shoving a product down their throat any day. Our average client increases sales by 230%

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